Friday, January 17, 2014

Delaware Tribe Limited Domicile Begins Its Second Year

January, 2013

The Delaware Tribe of Indians, through the Delaware Tribal Financial Services, is pleased to announce its start of a second year as a captive insurance and reinsurance company domicile.

As a sovereign nation and federally recognized Tribe, the Delaware Tribe of Indians has created an innovative alternative to traditional offshore reinsurance domiciles.

"Our program is a limited, focused domicile that specializes in a small segment of the big insurance and reinsurance world," said Chief Paula Pechonick, Delaware Tribe of Indians. "This focus allows us to adopt laws and regulations tailored to fit the needs of these specialized segments."

The domicile targets reinsurance companies allied with vehicle-dealerships producing the typical F&I office risks and with other specialized producers, such as rent-to-own stores.

"Our program is much more than an improved process," said Chief Paula Pechonick, Delaware Tribe of Indians. "It is a more efficient and responsive process that is poised to dramatically change how these insurers and reinsurers interact with their regulators."

DTFS will utilize technology-based communications and filings that DTFS will review and address in hours and days, not weeks and months. There is nothing between you and your regulator.

To learn more about his ground-breaking program, call 680-877-4694 or visit us at the CreditRe Conferences on October 29 - 31 2013 and at the Participation and Reinsurance Symposium on March 10, 2014.

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